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The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Announces Its 2021 Legislative Agenda

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

January 13th marks the first day of the 2021 Legislative Session!

Members of Virginia's House of Delegates will be meeting virtually; while members of the Senate of Virginia will be meeting at the Science Museum of Virginia, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Today also marked the swearing in of new members of Virginia's House of Delegates and the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus: Delegate Angelia Williams Graves representing the 90th House District and Delegate Candi King representing the 2nd House District. Delegates Graves and King were both recently elected as a result of Special Elections held in their respective districts.

Along with the global pandemic, 2020 pulled back the veil of hate, racism, discrimination, equity, misogyny and a plethora of societal ills that have long plagued the United States of America. The Commonwealth of Virginia was not immune from it, nor the reckoning that followed. Working to ensure our tagline: "Our Narrative Matters," we are excited about the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus' progressive agenda.

"In 2020 our Commonwealth and our country faced a series of deep-seated crises, from a global pandemic and the economic issues that arose as a result to the scourge of systemic racism and racial injustice that has plagued our nation since its founding. In the face of these challenges, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (VLBC) was able to successfully champion and pass historic and important policy reforms centered around justice, access, civil rights, and equity. Yet many challenges still lie ahead in 2021, as these crises continue into the new year. The VLBC’s 2021 Legislative Agenda is focused on building upon last year’s policy successes to continue to address these challenges and to effectively meet new and developing challenges. In the 2021 Session, the VLBC will continue to push for justice and equity, including by:

  • Declaring Racism as a Public Health Crisis;

  • Providing an Option to Request Racial Impact Statements on Legislation;

  • Investing in and Supporting our Commonwealth’s HBCUs;

In addition, the VLBC will champion legislation on the following policy areas:

  • Civil Rights, Digital Rights, and Democracy For All;

  • Criminal Justice Reform & Policing Reform;

  • Economic Opportunity & Security: Supporting Virginia's Labor Force & Essential Workers;

  • Housing;

  • Healthcare & Essential Services;

  • Education & Supporting Virginia's Children;

  • Environmental Justice & Transit;

  • Public Safety;"

To read the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus' Legislative Agenda in its entirety, please visit here.

We implore all readers to take a moment to become better acquainted with your representatives, get involved in the process, and to set up your free Lobbyist-In-A-Box account and track bills that are important to you.

Tune into House sessions here.

Tune into Senate Sessions here.


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