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Contributing Writers for The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, LLC.


Do you have a story to tell? Is it aligned with Virginia Black culture, lifestyle, values? Then, we want to hear from you!


The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine is also an online magazine designed to create a medium for Black Culture in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a platform to highlight stories, and issues that matter to us! 

Launching in March 2019, The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine is a new culture and lifestyle online magazine for Black Virginians.  Featuring articles and content that reflect our needs, interests, and more; The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine

is the communication platform that we’ve been long waiting for.

Magazine Sections:

  • Glow Up –  content pertaining to GOD, empowerment, inspiration and spiritual motivation.

  • Black Love –  content pertaining to dating, self-love, living single, marriage, relationships (to include family, parenting, friendships), and more.

  • Lifestyle - content pertaining to health, wellness, finances, pop culture, personal narratives, and the arts.

  • Politics – content pertaining to hyper local, local, and statewide politics in Virginia; to include activists and issues that matter to us.

  • Education – content pertaining to all forms of youth and adult education in Virginia; emphasis on our Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

  • Black Business-content pertaining to Black owned businesses in Virginia, entrepreneurship, and career advice.


Profanity and content that does not uplift/inspire/educate will not be accepted.


Why should you submit an article to The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, as a Contributing Writer?

Our talented team of writers are dedicated to sharing our narrative and creating a medium that’s easily accessible to share a collective narrative throughout the Commonwealth.  Becoming a Contributing Writer, your voice will have a platform and you'll be play a leading role in the The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine movement, which includes:

  • Platform - A platform that speaks to African Americans in Virginia.

  • Your Voice -Your narrative will be published online, and your reach will be increased.

  • Increase your Following - Your brief bio, likeness, social media handles, and links to your website/blog will be tagged with your content.

  • Publishing Perks- Publishing with us will help you gain exposure with other outlets.


The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine does not currently offer monetary compensation in exchange for content.  

***Submission does not guarantee that your article will be published.***  

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