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The Virginia Juneteenth Parade!

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A Message from our Founder:

Dear VBLM Village,


The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, LLC (VBLM) is the PROUD sponsor of The Virginia Juneteenth Parade!  In 2019 our I had a vision of hosting a Juneteenth Parade in my community.  Of course COVID-19 thwarted plans for the 2020 event, but with community support and incredible volunteers, the vision for the Parade became a reality in 2021 and each consequential year - growing in its impact and success!  

In 2024, The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine is sponsoring the "4th Annual Greater Prince William Juneteenth Parade" with the National Park Service - Prince William Forest Park.

To commemorate the 160th Anniversary of Juneteenth, The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, LLC will evolve with the event to organize its 5th event, "The Virginia Juneteenth Parade!"

We will have opportunities for sponsors, vendors, and volunteers, so please subscribe to stay in the know!


Cydny A. Neville

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, LLC.

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