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Black Woman, You Should RUN in One of Virginia's Upcoming Elections!

Beautiful Black people marching, holding signs, demanding equality.
Black people marching for Equal Rights.

Black women have long been relentless in their fight for justice, equality, and the betterment of communities world-wide. We are warriors for all things right and righteous, and have never missed an opportunity to take a stand for change that could improve the quality of life for our families and the world around us.

It’s no secret that Black women are a major key to success in ALL elections.

We sacrifice our time, make sure our neighbors, family members, and members of our social circles are registered to vote and have a plan to vote in each election. We help those who need rides, secure rides to the polls, donate to candidate accounts, and volunteer to canvass for candidates whose platforms are aligned with issues that matter to us. The purpose of this article is plain, and simple:

Black woman, you should run in one of Virginia's upcoming elections!

Virginia has the opportunity to make history in 2021, by electing a Black woman as Governor, with Senator Jennifer McClellan, and former Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy vying for the position. However, we want to shed a light on other seats that could use your leadership! Did you know, in 2021 60 counties in Virginia will have an election for their Board of Supervisors, and 57 counties will hold elections for their School Boards?

You should consider acquiring a seat at one of these tables. The time to prepare for upcoming elections is NOW!

Below is a chart of Virginia’s upcoming elections through 2024. (A clear version of the chart can be found here).

A schedule of Virginia's upcoming general elections.


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