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VBLM Visionary: Mr. Corey Holeman!

The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine's "VBLM Visionary" feature celebrates remarkable people in our communities who are making an IMPACT! This "VBLM Visionary" feature celebrates Mr. Corey Holeman!

Beautiful Black people in business attire.
Submitted: Mr. Holeman making an IMPACT in the community!

Tell us a little about growing up in Virginia:

I grew up in Halifax County, VA, in a very small town called Virgilina. I currently reside in Woodbridge, VA. I was blessed to attend college at James Madison University, where I received my undergraduate degree in Business: Finance. I graduated high school from Halifax County High School. What would you consider your greatest accomplishments in life? Personal Accomplishments: Both of my children (ages 20 & 17) have been baptized and have accepted Christ in their lives.

Being Married for 22 Years to the same Incredible Woman!

Maintaining a Circle of Family and Friends that truly want the best for me! This is not easy, and its importance should never be underestimated. Cultivating strong relationships with great people is a major key to success. Professional Accomplishments: My career at The Vanguard Group culminated into me being the youngest Equity Index Portfolio Manager on the trading desk. At the age of 29, I was responsible for managing over $5 billion in company assets.

Successful re-branding and expansion of the Northern VA Black Chamber of Commerce.

Professional Black Man in a suit.
Mr. Corey Holeman

When I took over as Chairman, the organization had dwindled to fewer than 10 paid memberships. We are now closing in on 200 members and growing!

Accomplishing my goal of owning multiple successful businesses that are all thriving and building wealth. What do you do for a living, and what steps did you take to get there?

My wife, Courtney, and I currently own and operate the following companies: 1. Holeman Enterprises, LLC - (McDonalds Franchise)- Operate 5 restaurants and employ approx 250 people. We serve approx 5,000 customers per day. 2. CCJJ Logistics Co. (FedEx Ground Routes)- We successfully deliver 3,000-4,000 packages daily across 39 zip codes in Virginia. We employ over approximately 70 employees. We also own passive investments in Hotels, Real Estate, and other service based companies. In your youth, who inspired you to become the man you are today?

That’s Easy… My Father and Mother! My parents provided the ultimate example of “consistency" They were always present, always pushing me, and always reigning me in if I strayed too far away from my path of destiny. What has been your greatest impact in the community?

Leading the Northern VA Black Chamber of Commerce has been my greatest impact. I accepted a request to join the Board, because I wanted to use my past experiences to help other Black-owned business grow and prosper. The opportunity to be an advocator, mentor, and encourager of other Black entrepreneurs has been incredibly rewarding. Many businesses have benefited from the efforts of our Chamber.

How can others support your efforts?

Join the NVBCC as a member! Make donations to the NVBCC! And attend our events! Please share any advice for young Black men in our readership, who may want to follow in your footsteps.

Know yourself and what you do best! You will be most successful in business if you find that “thing” that you do best with the least amount of effort. When you find that “thing”, stay aggressive, ambitious, and persistent. Making money is intentional… it doesn’t just happen. Establish your plan on how to capitalize on your business efforts and expertise.


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