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Swipe Left, Swipe Right...Nah, Left It Is!

It seems the idea of meeting future bae through mutual friends, or picking up on aisle 2, or meeting at a social event are an ancient concepts. Many singles resort to online dating applications as they are more convenient, provide access to several singles literally at your fingertips, many apps have free options, and swiping left and right is like having your own speed-dating game unique to your preferences.

One’s success with online dating typically depends on the effectiveness of their profiles. Here are some tips to get more the right:

  • No one wants to see a profile full of selfies. Let potential bae know you have at least one friend who will take a picture of you. Use a minimum of two full body photos, and two close-up shots. Oh, and limit the use of filters on these photos.

  • Never doubt the power of Spell Check or Grammar Check; they are your friends!

  • No group photos. No one should have to guess whose profile they are reading. Using photos with multiple people in them is a quick way to set a World Record on swiping left.

  • Being a great parent, is very necessary for those with children. However, consider leaving photos of your children off of your profile for several good reasons.

  • Limit the amount of in app texts you share with the person who swiped right. A good rule of thumb is after five messages, you should plan to meet at a safe location. Otherwise, you just made yourself a new cyber friend!

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