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Supporting Virginia's Black Restaurants through COVID-19: Della J's Delectables

Jerry and Lydia of Della J's Delectables

The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine (VBLM) will be featuring some of Virginia's Finest Black Owned Restaurants in our latest series, Supporting Black Restaurants through COVID-19.

Southern Home Cooking Simply Fresh


"The name, Della J's Delectables, was inspired by my mother, Della, who along with my father, Lee, provided the inspiration for everything I do.  I added my own modern twist to some of my mother’s favorite recipes and included a few new favorites, thus Della J’s was created." Jerry, Proprietor

VBLM: How has the State of Emergency impacted your business? At first there was a lot of uncertainty and lack of direction and during the beginning weeks of the pandemic, sales were down approximately 75%.  So we put together a strategy that would help us sustain our business until assistance could be obtained.  We went over our numbers and made some projections and based on those projections we made the decision to push forward with trying to keep the restaurant open for carryout, thus we made major adjustments to our staff and our hours of operation yet we decided not to limit our menu.  With the great support and generosity of our loyal customers, the community, and our staff, we have been able to weather the storm thus far by keeping our business open.  In addition, with so many people at home and not wanting to cook, we have been introduced to an influx of new customers.

VBLM: What changes have you made to the way you conduct business in response to the latest Executive Orders? Currently, we are still operating with only carryout and delivery available and we are not certain that we would immediately move to phase 2 when allowed, as we feel it is still too early to begin allowing customers for inside seating as our first priority is the safety and well being of our customers and staff.  However, we are considering implementing outside seating and curbside dining for our customers.

VBLM: How can the VBLM Village support your business during this time?

Marketing is a key aspect of a successful business plan as well as a successful business and a comprehensive marketing strategy can be very expensive.  Della J’s could benefit from the resources available to VBLM in helping to facilitate multi-dimensional marketing, i.e. television, social media, radio and print.

To our readers:

Let's remember to support our own when we are ordering meals to-go during these times. Della J's Delectables is conveniently located off I-95 in the Springfield area, and serves an extensive selection of soul food that reminds us all of our grandmothers' cooking! We highly recommend their catfish entree with a side of delicious collard greens and macaroni and cheese! Be sure to tag them and #VBLM in your foodie post after your visit. Supporting Black Owned Restaurants through COVID-19 is up to us!


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