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School Tips

“To the parents of high school students; continue to be involved. Ask your student probing questions about their day, about their teachers, and especially about their assignments. If your school district has online access to grades, make sure that you are logging in frequently. High school teachers do not get to see and hear from all parents. Education is truly a partnership, and educators love to have that strong working relationship with their students' parents. This will ensure a strong school year, and sustained success throughout their high school journey. Thank you!”

- Sonia of Chester, VA


“Limit your children’s time on social media and video games, and increase the time spent reading at home, and interacting with family. Oftentimes, children stay up into the early hours of the morning with their faces glued to devices - on social media apps, and playing games online with their friends. By the time they make it to school, they aren’t “present” in class.”

- Danielle of Fairfax, VA


“Maintain a good relationship with the school, and be there for your children. It’s important to be there when they receive school recognition, band concerts, games, competitions, etc. It’s important that children feel supported by their families. When they don’t feel supported at home, their frustrations show up in the classroom. School staff understands it’s difficult to make it to everything, but the benefit of being present sometimes; far outweighs the cost of being absent most of the time.”

- Malcom of Charlottesville, VA


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