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Meet the President of Virginia State University, Makola M. Abdullah, Ph.D.

Our narrative matters!

We are proud to amplify the narratives of Black Virginians and topics that matter to us.

Black man smiling, hands clasped, wearing a suit.
VSU President Makola M. Abdullah Ph.D.

This Homecoming season we reached out to the presidents of our beloved Virginia

Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and are delighted to share what we learned through their participation in our inquiry. VBLM Village, meet Makola M. Abdullah Ph.D., president of Virginia State University!

We had the pleasure of recording a candid conversation with President Abdullah Ph.D. during a zoom call that sheds a light on his leadership, passion and dedication to Virginia State University; and amplifies what sets VSU aside from all other universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Attending a Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) is an honor and a privilege. Consider earning your next degree from one of our most precious jewels - an HBCU! Learn more about Virginia State University by visiting their official website.


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