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Lessons You Can Learn from D-Nice's Homeschool!

D-Nice's Homeschool program is the education everyone can settle down and get with!

Derrick Jones, D-Nice, emerged on the hip-hop sceen in the mid 1980's with Boogie Down Productions at the age of 15. Since then, he's become a legendary DJ, and a celebrity photographer.

Last week, D-Nice began a virtual dance party, #ClubQuarantine, which has proven to be the chess move of the century!

From the comfort of his kitchen, D-Nice has managed to use his talent and the magical healing power of music to: bring people together around the world, give people peace at a time when many are experiencing high anxiety, and to unite people of all kinds while socially and physically distancing.

On March 21st, 2020, D-Nice made history by having over 105,000 people around the world live steam his dance party on Instagram!

D-Nice (

Here are five lessons you can learn from D-Nice's Homeschool:

1. Never underestimate the power of reinvention. Through his "Club Quarantine"/Homeschool events, D-Nice's Instagram following has quadrupled, and he has managed to reach new fans of all ages around the globe. Never be afraid to evolve! (Note: As of press time, he has One million followers on Instagram).

2. Secure the BAG! His cashapp $BRANDNICE, was posted during the party, so everyone could tip the DJ!

3. Use your platform for good. D-Nice shared motivational messages throughout the Homeschool lesson. He also reminded students/partygoers to vote, be kind to one another, and to donate to support COVID-19 relief efforts once made available.

4. Keep at it! Whatever your passion and purpose is, KEEP GOING you're about to strike gold, but if you stop now, you'll never know. Homeschool is the plug that will open limitless opportunities to D-Nice!

5. You can still have a social life, while distancing yourselves physically! Club Quarantine demonstrated that for all of us.

We feel D-Nice deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for the good vibes that he has shared with all of us during these times. His lessons are truly remarkable, and deserve recognition! If you agree, share this article with your peers and be sure to tag him...and us!


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