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Get the Funk OUT!

"Grow from your pain, and learn to love again.” - Oprah Winfrey

Work. Come home. Crash. Repeat.

Work. Come home. Crash. Repeat.

Work. Come home. Crash. Repeat.

Stress, grieving, depression, and other life challenges can really get you down and into a serious funk. A funk. Where you don’t want to be around people. Your self-talk may be in dire need of a tune-up and a reality check.

Your energy and desire to be productive may be non-existent.

When you find yourself in a “funk,” if you’re human, it will happen from time to time, here are some tips to get the funk out:

1. Go for a walk. Fresh air is good for your mind, body and soul.

2. Schedule an appointment with a Mental Health Professional. It is perfectly fine to seek professional help. Meeting with a Mental Health Professional is one of the most responsible, and proactive decisions you can make. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to receive help. We all go through.

3. Relax. Relate. Release. Find your center through meditation. Visit your local yoga and meditation center, register for a class or two.

4. Get out of the house. Pay one of your favorite eateries or local spaces a visit. Turn your phone off, and temporarily escape your reality by reading a really good book.

5. Take a break from the news. There’s so much going on in the world, not to turn a blind eye to current events, but it is healthy to give yourself a media break. The news can be heavy - lighten your intake by changing the input, even if for a little while.

BONUS: Social Media breaks are good, too!

September is “Suicide Prevention Month” and sometimes what we may consider a “funk” may become too heavy to shake with conventional tips shared in this article. If you have a mental health emergency, please

do not hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255).

Whatever you are going through, remember that you matter, you are loved, and needed in this world.

It gets better;


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