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It’s Homecoming Season!


Homecoming for a graduate of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), truly does mean returning home. Time to catch up with your friends from college who have grown to be family. Time to show off that body you’ve been sculpting for this grand occasion all year! Time to wear your best fits for the game, the yard, the party, the after party, and Sunday brunch. Time to gather and love on your loved ones whom you only see during “Homecoming Season.”

Our beloved HBCU Homecoming has been hit hard COVID-19 as well. Many universities are holding virtual homecoming events to celebrate the fall reunion; and we want to celebrate with you!

We want you to share your Virginia HBCU Homecoming Memories with us, so we can shout you out on social media, and amplify the narrative and the magic that is the HBCU experience!

Please visit this link, to share your memories, and check back for HBCU stories as we prepare for our own, “Homecoming Week!”


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