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Five Signs That It's Time for a Change

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

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"Know when to hold'em.

Know when to fold'em.

Know when to walk away. And know when to RUN!"

-Kenny Rogers

There is a heavy dose of truth in these country lyrics, that should transcend musical genres, because EVERYBODY needs to take heed to this mighty word. All too often, we stay on: jobs, in relationships, and in spaces that are clearly not for us; but for some reason, we graciously extend a welcome to doors that have been inaccessible.

Here are five signs to make it abundantly clear, when you need to change your participation in toxic situations:

1. When you are no longer having fun.

2. When you are simply tolerated.

3. When your voice is not heard

4. When bad Juju always seems to be present.

5. When it no longer brings you joy!

If these signs are present - you should not be! You need to change the situation immediately, by removing yourself from it. Your mental health and peace of mind is EVERYTHING! Do not compromise your sanity for anyone or anything; it's not worth it.


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