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Celebrating Black History, Creating Black Futures, Centering Black Excellence!

Beautiful, smiling woman with braids is embracing another.
A graduation celebration!

Happy Black History Month!

In addition to acknowledging and finding strength in our remarkable history this month, I wanted to take a deeper dive into cultivating Black Futures in February 2024, and celebrating Black excellence!

At its core, Black excellence celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of our people and our communities. It's about acknowledging the hurdles we've overcome, the societal barriers we've broken, and the groundbreaking contributions we've made in every field imaginable. From Science and Technology to Art and Literature, Black excellence shines a spotlight on the brilliance and determination that defy stereotypes and push boundaries.

In a time where we are leaning into self-care and prioritizing our mental health, it's important to acknowledge the potential stress and pressure that comes with striving for Black Excellence. The pressure to excel constantly, to be exceptional in every aspect, can weigh heavily on individuals and communities already burdened by systemic inequalities. It is important while striving for excellence, that we also acknowledge the more miniscule successes along the way!

Celebrating Black Excellence is about recognizing both the extraordinary and the ordinary, the triumphs and the struggles. It's about amplifying a plethora of diverse voices and experiences, moving beyond the limitations of a single hashtag. It's also about the promise of the next generation, the promise of Black Futures and focusing on a little more than our past triumphs as we celebrate Black History Month.



Editor-In-Chief, VBLM


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