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The National Slavery Museum & Spirit of Freedom Garden - Fredericksburg, VA

A photo of the remains of the Spirit of Freedom Garden: A replica of the box "Henry Box Brown" used for his escape.

Did you know that there were plans to establish a National Slavery Museum in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

A photo of the remains of the Spirit of Freedom Garden: A replica of an auction block.

Nearly 20 years ago there were plans to create a National Slavery Museum to educate and remind the masses of the peculiar institution of slavery. If you've ever driven to the shops in Fredericksburg off of Carl D. Silver Parkway and wandered a mere five minutes off of the beaten path to Gordon W. Shelton Blvd., just beyond the new developments and apartments, you could catch a glimpse of the remains of the plans...the abandoned "Spirit of Freedom Garden."

As legend has it, many celebrities and citizens who supported the development, donated money and items towards the Museum and Garden. We at The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine took the drive to Fredericksburg, Virginia and toured the remains of the "Spirit of Freedom Garden."

There is a weed adorned path to walk the circle of weathered markers - some more legible than others. Several replicas of artifacts such as a box representing "Henry Box Brown's" journey to freedom. There's a replica of an auction block with footprints on it and informational images that remain distinguishable on many of the markers.

Like you, we had several wonderings after visiting the location, and reached out to the City of Fredericksburg to inquire about the owner and if there were any plans for the upkeep and future of the "Spirit of Freedom Gardens."

The owner was not identified, and not available for comment from the time of our tour and inquiry, to the time we published this article.


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