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Black Women's Equal Pay Day 2023

Beautiful Black woman smiling at work.
A Black woman at work, having a conversation with a co-worker.

Black Women's Equal Pay Day is observed on July 27th. Black women typically earned around 63 to 68 cents for every dollar earned by white men. This disparity is due to a variety of factors, including occupational segregation, discrimination, generations of systemic racism, a lack of access to education and opportunities, and biases in the workplace.

Do you know how many years have passed since the federal minimum wage was increased? Fourteen! It has been fourteen years since federal minimum wage was increased. There is no doubt that this directly impacts the pay gap for Black women.

Addressing the pay gap requires a combination of policy changes, workplace initiatives, and cultural shifts. Some measures that can be taken to address the issue include:

  1. Implementing equal pay laws: Governments can enact and enforce legislation that ensures equal pay for equal work, closing the gender pay gap and providing protections against pay discrimination.

  2. Promoting pay transparency: Encouraging transparency in pay scales and salary negotiations can help identify and address pay disparities within organizations.

  3. Workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives: Companies can implement policies to promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring fair representation and equal opportunities for women of color in leadership roles.

  4. Bias training and education: Raising awareness about unconscious biases and stereotypes can help minimize their impact on hiring, promotions, and compensation decisions.

  5. Support for equity in education and skill development: Investing in education and skill-building opportunities Black women can increase their access to higher-paying jobs and career advancement.

  6. Supportive family policies: Access to affordable childcare, parental leave, and flexible work arrangements can help support working women, enabling them to balance work and family responsibilities effectively.

"When Black women are paid less than their white counterparts it impacts their day-to-day

finances, as well as their financial futures. Building an economy that supports Black women builds an economy that supports everyone."

Visit National Partnership for Women and Families to learn more.

Visit Equal Pay Today to learn more ways you can be the change we need to see!


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